The Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA) is an active, member-driven association that relies on participation from members. Participation in a MANA committee offers a great opportunity for networking and professional growth. Maximize your investment by joining a MANA committee! Click here  for committee descriptions and additional information.

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APRN Coalition

Leah Gordon, Secretary
Ericka Karas, Treasurer
Jackie Klinkner, Director



Michael Weis, Chair
Taylor Harker
Andrea Roberts



Andrew Johnson-Cowley, Chair
Becca Sample
Kelsey Nelsen
Jaclyn Possin
Mindy Stone
Mattie Fellegy

Website Task Force

Becca Sample
Joe Koenig
Mike Weis

MANA Store Task Force

Mattie Fellegy, SRNA
Jackie Klinkner

NEW: MANA Meet-Up Task Force

Jackie Klinkner, Chair
Adam Scudder
Mindy Stone


Joe Koenig, Chair
Erica Bauhs
Cari Larson
Seth Mogler
Andrea Roberts
Becca Sample, PE
Adam Scudder


Government Relations

Adam Scudder, Chair
Gloria Dullinger-Brown
Seth Mogler
Alix Powell, SRNA
Jon Wohlhuter
Kathy Ziebarth

Leadership Development

Jenna Steege, Chair 
Gloria Dullinger-Brown
Andrea Roberts
Dan Offerdahl
Michael Weis

Membership Committee 

Leah Gordon, Chair
Erica Bauhs
Katie Kopel


Peer Assistance

AANA State Peer Advisors
Dan Lovinaria
Lisa Maw

Professional Development

Sarah Seng– Co. Chair
Jackie Klinkner - Co. Chair
Erica Bauhs
Gloria Dullinger-Brown 
Robyn Finney
Erin Martin
Jenna Steege
Jeremy VanLaningham, SRNA
Kristen Martins, SRNA


Strategic Parnership Task Force

Michael Weis- Chair
Andrea Roberts 
Becca Sample 
Jackie Klinkner
Andrew Johnson-Cowley


Health & Wellness

Eric Swanlund, Chair
Joanne Donnelly
Hillary Harrison
Laura Hellmuth
Amanda Laudenbach
Dan Offerdahl

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