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Thank you MANA Poster Presenters!

Saturday, October 2
9 am - 11 am

Intraoperative dexmedetomidine and methadone use in adult cardiac surgery patients to reduce postoperative opioid use - Alyssa Eisenbraun

Anesthetic management and early postoperative outcomes for videoscopic left cardiac sympathetic denervation in children and adults with congenital long QT syndrome - Keaton Palo

Impact of an educational video presentation on the preoperative/postoperative nurses’ competence in caring for breastfeeding patients undergoing anesthesia. - Deanna Frohman

Tracheostomy Education for CRNA Practice - Anna Krzmarzick

The impact of the MUSETM Meditation Device on Perceived Stress, Anxiety, Affect, and Burnout Among Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists - Erin Martinson, Nathan Brytowski 

Increasing Anesthesia Provider Confidence in Environmentally Sustainable Fresh Gas Flows: A Quality Improvement Project  - Elise Olson

Assessing Barriers to Early Extubation of Adult Cardiac Surgical Patients - Christopher (Blake) Frazier

AI- assisted 12 lead ECG interpretation and prevention of post-operative cardiac events - Eric Smith

Patient’s Perceptions of quality during their perioperative experience for Gender affirmation surgery - Michael Walton

Clinical Significance of Intravenous Acetaminophen-Induced Hypotension in the Congenital Cardiac Critical Care Population - Emily Ashmun

Effects Of Hand Massage on Surgical Outpatients’ Anxiety and Physiologic Parameters in the Preoperative Period : A Quasi-Experimental Study With Pre- And Post-tests - Zhihong Li

Incidence, Predictors, and Outcomes of Extubation Failure in Pediatric Congenital Heart Cardiac Surgery Patients - Andrew Wandersee

An Evaluation of CRNA Emergency Cricothyrotomy Competency: Exploring Two Techniques - Megan Newsom, Santiago Ocariz

Perioperative Serotonin Syndrome: The Educational Impact on Perioperative Nurses- Kyle Anderson

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Saturday, October 2
1 pm - 3 pm 


Implementation of a Second Victim Peer Support Program on Two Inpatient Pediatric Units: Assessing the Impact on Providers’ Second Victim Experiences and Perceptions of Support Available - Scott Czinski

Enhancing Scholarly Publication and Academic Ranking Among Mayo Clinic Nurse Anesthetists - Matthew Machacek

Use of Dexmedetomidine as Adjuvant for Opioids During Hysterectomy: A Retrospective Study- Amah Messan

A Retrospective Analysis of Characteristics that are Associated with an Increased Amount of Remifentanil Waste Among Anesthesia Providers - Kelsey Van Hove

Reusable versus Single-Use Intubation Stylets: A Cost Analysis- Levi Polus

Comparison of Bispectral Index Monitors in the Bifrontal Montage- Wade Kreun

Interprofessional simulation: Lessons and observations to optimize the educational experience - Jacob Schema

Apneic Oxygenation during prolonged laryngoscopy on arterial oxygenation saturations - Greta Hunt, Andrew Ellison, Cody Kryfka

Endotracheal Tube Cuff Optimization for Patient Safety - Nicholas Geisen, Jay LeBlanc, Christopher Serna

Remifentanil Waste Reduction in the Operating Room: An Evidence-Based Pilot- Cesar Hernandez, Ramon Banzon

Occupational Anesthetic Gas Exposure Risk Evaluation for the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Pregnancy  - Brianna Hamilton, Annika Stromme

Urinary Retention Following Video-assisted thorascopic surgery: Role of Neuromuscular Blockade Reversal - Joshua Steinhorst, Troy Daquioag, Nicholas Mele, David Peterson

Pressure Injury Prevention in the Operating Room - Maria Smothers, Lauren Loge, Chelsea Gibbs
Big Business’ Involvement in the Development of “Best Practice” and Medical Innovation - Brian Ward, Spencer Fenn

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