• Make sure you are tracking walking/running MILES, NOT STEPS - tracking devices can often convert steps to miles.
  • Walking and running are the usual modes of earning your miles.
  • However, you may also earn miles at the following ratios:
    * Biking-- 5:1 ratio (20 miles biking is equal to 4 miles walking/running)
    * Swimming-- 1:4 (1 miles swimming is equal to 4 miles of walking/running)


  • Register to participate by suggested date of April 1st...though participants can join at any time.
  • Teams will be assigned with a mix of CRNAs/Students/Faculty.
  • You will be notified of your team the week of July 4.
  • Come up with a team name - make it clever and have fun!

6-Week Step Registration

Points for Walking with Members of your Team

You earn one point for every person on a team that goes on a walk together (connecting by phone).
Each team member can earn a maximum of 1 point per day for walking with other team members.

Example: Joe and Sally go on a run/walk together. They earn one point each, two points for their team for that day.
Suzy, Joe, and Sally go on a run/walk together, then Suzy and Sally go for a run/walk together. They earn one point each, three points total for their team for that day.
Example: Suzy can only earn one point per day, so the total number of points for their team that day is still 3

You cannot get points in this category for walking with someone who is not on your team.

Enter your points by Monday at Noon for the previous week.

Entering Mileage and Points

  • Each team member is responsible for entering their own miles and points (x) in the provided team spreadsheet. 
  • Enter your miles and points in your team spreadsheet no later than Monday at noon for the previous week.
  • A map tracking team progress will be updated on Wednesdays.

Selfie Drawing

  • Teams must submit a total of five selfies (at least one selfie each week) to qualify for the drawing. We encourage all team members to submit at least one selfie throughout the event versus having the same team member submit a different selfie each week.

    For example, if "Suzy", "Joe", and "Sally" were a team of three people, they would qualify for the drawing if:   Week 1 "Suzy" submits a selfie; Week 2 "Joe" submits a selfie, Week 3 "Sally" submits a selfie, Week 4 "Suzy" submits a selfie, Week 5 "Joe" submits a selfie. Their team would be entered one time into the drawing pool.

  • Your team can submit more than one selfie per week, but you only need to submit one per week to qualify. 
  • Selfies must be submitted weekly; submitting five selfies during Week 1 and no more in Weeks 2-5 would not qualify your team for the drawing.
  • Photo guidelines:
    • Only one team member needs to be in the picture. 
    • Please include some information about your selfie location. 
    • All selfies must be at different locations to count towards the drawing.
  • The drawing will be held at the end of the event.
  • Selfies must be uploaded to MANA’s Google Drive (access info will be provided)

Monday at noon to count towards the previous week.

  • Selfies will be sent out with weekly update emails. By submitting a selfie, you consent to sharing your photo with the MANA.  

Prizes will go to:

  1. The team that runs/walks/rides/swims the farthest during the whole month
  2. The team that gets the most points for working out together. 
  3. The team who is picked from the selfie drawing.

*Teams cannot win prizes in more than one category. 

Winners will be announced and prizes distributed the week after the end of the challenge.