Submit a Speaking Proposal for MANA

Speaker Guidelines 

1. PRESENTATION DEVELOPMENT: MANA general sessions are noncommercial forums.  Individuals should refrain from using brand names and specific product endorsements.  Under no circumstances should the presentation be used to promote a product, service, or monetary self-interest.  Presenters must refrain from making any statement that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group. Presenters must declare vested interests and any conflicts in interests (real or potential/perceived) to attendees.

2. VISUAL AIDS: When creating your presentation visuals, we suggest that you keep the following tips in mind to ensure that they are audience friendly: 
Have no more than six lines of text per slide and not more than six words per line.
Replace words with images wherever possible; Graphics are easier to read than tables of information.
Test the readability of a finished slide by holding it up to the light – if you can read it at arm’s length, then it’s OK. 

Demonstrate how the information being presented will benefit the attendee – value must be established to hold audience attention.
Provide opportunities throughout the session for attendees to relate the material to their immediate lives.
When fielding questions – listen, repeat the question for the audience, and respond.
Open with an icebreaker or an activity that will get the audience’s attention, build interest and desire, and get action.
Each general session is scheduled for 60 minutes; speakers should build in time for questions in their session (no more than 10 minutes for each 60-minute session).

MANA will reimburse annual meeting general session speakers for travel expenses according to the approved Speaker Travel Policy and upon submission of an expense report with receipts and MANA treasurer approval. The Speaker Travel Policy is included as an addendum to this agreement.
An honorarium of $350 per virtual session presentation will be provided.
Complimentary registration will be provided.