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Bylaws Committee

The MANA Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the Bylaws on an annual basis and presenting proposed amendments to the Board of Directors and the members for consideration.

Finance Committee

The MANA Finance Committee is responsible for drafting a budget and presenting it to the Board of Directors for approval on an annual basis.  This committee shall be composed of the President-Elect, Treasurer, Treasurer-Elect and two members.

Government Relations Committee

This committee works with the MANA lobbyist and directly with State Legislators to represent and support the interests of members. Committee members keep the membership appraised of issues that relate to the industry and profession.


This committee is responsible for oversight of the Friends of Minnesota Nurse Anesthetists PAC.

Peer Assistance

This committee is committed to increasing personal awareness of chemical dependency and wellness issues in our profession in order to educate, intervene, and provide support for the general MANA membership and report to the Board of Directors.

Program Committee

The primary function of the Program committee is to plan, organize and execute MANA’s annual educational conference. Committee members recommend a facility to the Board, choose topics and speakers, and plan all aspects of the meeting.

Public Relations

This committee is responsible for the public relations program of the association including dissemination of information through all available channels and management of a public awareness campaign.

Publications Committee

This Committee shall have charge of the official print publication—MANA Gas Line® and the MANA website as directed by the Board of Directors.  Committee members will work with the MANA Executive Director to develop the content for each newsletter and solicit articles from MANA members.  The committee will also proof the newsletter in preparation for printing and distribution.  Finally, this committee will develop and update website content as directed by the MANA Board.

Resolutions Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing and considering all resolutions that are properly submitted.  It shall hold an open hearing where resolutions may be discussed.  This committee consists of five members.  Three members are elected at the Annual Meeting and two members are appointed by the Board of Directors.

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