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MANA 2018-19 Committees

The Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA) is an active association that relies on the participation of its members, which in turn offers opportunities for professional growth. Maximize your investment by joining a MANA committee today!  Click here for committee descriptions and additional information.

APRN Coalition

Leah Gordon
Ericka Karas
Marcia Kluck

Bylaws Committee

Roxanne McMurray
Andrea Roberts
Eric Swanlund
Michael Weis

Communications Committee

Leah Gordon
Andrew Johnson-Cowley
Joseph Koenig
Kelsey Nelsen
Jaclyn Possin
Becca Sample

Federal Political Director

Julie Gauderman
Andrew Papazian - FPD Mentee

Finance Committee

Chair - Eric Swanlund
Erica Bauhs
Leah Gordon
Jaclyn Possin
Becca Sample

Government Relations Committee

Chair - Julie Hendricks
CoryAnn Kleinhaus
Joseph Koenig
Sarah Loots
Mark Retz
Jacob Ricks
Jon Wohlhuter
Kathy Ziebarth

Leadership Development Committee (Nominating)

Chair - Marcia Kluck
Leah Gordon
Andrea Roberts
Jenna Steege
Michael Weis

Membership Committee (Includes Diversity)

Leah Gordon
Milt Green
Kelley Frost
Katie Kopel
Dan Levie
Robert Gonzalez
Kemo Marong
Annie Muco
Joe Pruis
Harold Rayford
Joanne Sumrall
Alberto Villamiel

Peer Assistance

Dan Lovinaria
Lisa Maw

*See Peer Assistance under Resources for additional information and links.

Political Lobbyist

Judy Cook
Cook Girard Associates
525 Park Street, Suite 230
St. Paul, Minnesota  55103

Professional Development Committee

Co-Chair Lisa Becchetti-Wilson
Co-Chair Sarah Voogd
Erica Bauhs"
Alanna Burchmann
Robyn Finney
Ann Hussa
Erin Martin
Kristen Oja
Lindsey Scheel
Jenna Steege

State Reimbursement Specialist

Carole Doyscher

Strategic Partnership Task Force

Chair - Michael Weis
Carole Doyscher
Hali Haukos
Jon Wohlhuter

Wellness Committee

Chair - Eric Swanlund
Amanda Laundenbach



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