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Friends of Minnesota Nurse Anesthetists PAC

What is Friends of Minnesota Nurse Anesthetists (FOMNA PAC)?

Friends of Minnesota Nurse Anesthetists is a Political Action Committee (FOMNA PAC) designed to support the practice and professional opinions of MANA CRNAs.  It supports issues in Minnesota related to Nurse Anesthesia profession, practice, education and reimbursement.  The FOMNA PAC is non-partisan and strategically donates to campaigns of candidates who have proven to be friendly to the issues and concerns of Minnesota nurse anesthetists. 

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 Why is the PAC important?

The FOMNA PAC helps to protect your future career as a Nurse Anesthetist.  It acts as an insurance policy to secure the roles, responsibilities, and livelihood you have worked so hard to earn.  PAC donations do:

  • Allow Minnesota CRNAs to introduce ourselves and clarify our role in health care delivery in Minnesota
  • Thank legislators for past, present and future support of issues important to CRNAs
  • Support Governors, Legislators and candidates regardless of party affiliation
  • Express our opinions and interpretations regarding the practice of Nurse Anesthesia, rather than allowing other professions, and their well-funded PACs, to do so instead

How are FOMNA PAC donations distributed?

The PAC Executive Council meets regularly to discuss which Legislators and candidates to support.  The Council takes advice from professionals who understand legislative processes and issues important to CRNAs.  Again, your PAC strategically supports Legislators/Candidates who support us, regardless of party affiliation. 

What can I do to help?

Donate, educate and be involved.  You can donate to the PAC either one-time or in monthly installments.  CRNA donation levels will be recognized as follows:  

  • Diamond: $500+ 
  • Platinum: $300 - $499
  • Gold: $200 - $299
  • Silver: $50 - $199

You can build a professional relationship with your Legislator so they understand who you are and what you do as a CRNA.  In fact, if you know your Legislator and the FOMNA PAC chooses to support them, you could personally deliver the donation.  Finally, you can help by getting involved!  The FOMNA PAC is always looking for new committee members who will help our cause. 

Can Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists donate to the PAC?

Absolutely!  SRNA donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.  SRNA contributions will be recognized as follows:

  • Bronze Plus - SRNA contribution of $60+ 
  • Bronze - SRNA contribution of $25 - $59  

Is the FOMNA PAC the same as the AANA PAC?

No.  The FOMNA PAC is separate from the AANA PAC.  The FOMNA PAC supports STATE issues in Minnesota, while the AANA PAC supports Federal issues in Washington D.C.  Your support of both PACs is equally important to Nurse Anesthesia.

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MANA members can click on the links below to view PAC members and Contributor Recognition (login is required):


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