Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall:
1. Receive proposed amendments and present them to the Board of Directors and to the membership for consideration.
2. Ensure the AANA Bylaws Committee is provided with a current copy of the MANA Bylaws on an annual basis 

Communications Committee

Be responsible for the oversight of all marketing, communications and public relations activities both within the Association and externally

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall:
1. Be responsible for preparing a budget to be approved by the Board of Directors.
2. Be responsible for oversight of financial management of the Association


Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee shall:
1. Provide guidance and support to the MANA Board and members on matters pertaining to legislative and regulatory activity affecting the practice of nurse anesthesia.
2. Assist in developing mutual respect and assistance between appropriate groups or agencies and MANA.

Health & Wellness Committee

Promote wellness activities and education for members.

Leadership Development Committee 

1. Serve as the Nominating Committee
2. Support leadership development and succession planning

Membership Committee
Promote member recruitment, retention and engagement

NEW: MANA Meet-Ups Task Force
Plan and organize regional MANA social events to engage CRNAs across Minnesota. 


This committee is responsible for oversight of the Friends of Minnesota Nurse Anesthetists PAC.

Professional Development Committee

Be responsible for supporting current standards of nurse anesthesia by promoting continuing education for MANA members and assisting them in meeting the requirements for recertification.


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